Friday, 29 May 2009

Where did the day go?

I've literally, just in the last 15 mins or so, sat down.... however,
I seem to have got nothing done today.

Got up
Made Breakfast
Went to Tesco
Washed up
Made Jam
Made Tempeh (my, does hulling beans take time)
Took washing off line
Put new washing in machine
Hung out second load
Prepped apple stuff for breakfast

And that's it! Seriously, it's take me all day to do that!

Now, I need to go make a slug trap and then I'll considered getting
hubby to come into town with me when he gets back from work, as there
is about a 1 in 5 chance I'll go mad if I don't get out at some point
today to somewhere other than Tesco!

I am doing excellent shopping

Last night we went to Aldi after Mr Derious got home from work, and
bought a whole heap of veggies, so today's big shop consisted of

Soya Milk 60p
Tofu £1.50 Water Packed (Seems expensive from Tesco! Will look in
Morrisons for their price for next time)
Canned Kidney Beans 14p
Chickpeas 36p
Arrowroot £1.09
Mushrooms 87p
Onion (red) 12p
Bramley Apples 94p

I also remembered I needed either baking powder or bicarbonate of
soda... and of course, bought the wrong one (durr) at 75P

So, my shopping trip cost me £6.37

I bought some stuff yesterday, and some stuff is left over from last
week, but all in all, pretty good :)

I also have cooked pies in the fridge/freezer, enough for 5 days of piey fun :)

So, all in all, good.

This morning I got up with the hubby, at the porrage that I had soaked
overnight in Kefir, then went out to Tesco at the same time he went to
work. It was soooo empty! I had all but finished the shopping by the
time he texted me to say he was at work.... then came home, did the
washing up, strained the kefir, and prepped the plum jam, and plopped
the Seitan in the marinade for tonights noodle toss :)

Now, I'm off to get dressed in summer clothes, walk into town, then
mayby come back and do more tidying.

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Elderflowers and longer walks

Today didn't have such an aspicious start. We overslept, and I didn't
have long with my Husband before he had to go to work. We still had
time for breakfast (Panfried rice and tofu, with wholemeal bread) but
not long enough to open up to the day together, and as such, it seems
a bit odd. Anyway... breakfast was had, and off he went to work.

I checked the kefir, which seems to be coming along nicely (yay!) and
took my sandwhich out of the fridge... packed a bag, and got ready for
the day.

I made the mistake of putting on the PC after doing the washing up,
and as such, nothing got done untill about 10am. I hung out the
washing, received a parcel from the postman (I didn't open it, as it
was from my mother in law, and doubtless a birthday present), then
walked into town. On the way, I spoke to my mum on the phone.... I'm
going to go see her Tuesday, which will be nice :) I was looking for
plumbs, as I saw a really interesting recipe for kefir plum jam
online... however, the cheapest was £1 from Aldi, but I wasn't sure...
so I went looking elsewhere. I shall go pick some up tomorrow.

I did however buy
35p - Plastic Tea strainer
£1 - Rhubarb (which I've made into a tart, now in the oven)
29p - Pepsi
70p - Close dated alpro soy milk
60p - Morrisions soy milk
£1.15 - Organic Popcorn (only to find cheaper, non organic stuff in Morrisions)
34p - Dandilion and Burdock diet pop
45p - 'Stay Fresh' bread

So, all in all, not loads

On the way out from Morrsions I spoke to one of the charity
collectors, who encouraged me to join their ranks... and walking back
I collected some elderflowers, which I'll dobtless find a use for.

Now, I'm just waiting for my OH to come home... he seems late. I know
he's busy today though.

Edit > He's home now, and we both really loved the pie tart... I'm really pleased as I kinda made it without a recipe

Today, I took 12907 steps :)

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Where did the afternoon go

Well, the chickpea pate on sourdough was very nice.

Now, I spent the afternoon going off to the supermarkets, failing to find any reduced products, then coming home and prepping dinner, making lunch for tomorrow, and steaming some rice. That shouldn't have taken 4 and a half hours, surely?

Anyway... now going to make some envelopes, and smuggle snacks into the cinema... Don't tell them ;)

Day Two

Well, today I didn't get off my booty straight away, not actually doing anything until just before 9am. I then tottered into the kitchen, made two batches of caramelised onions (One with a honey and balsamic glaze, the other just plain) and then emptied and refilled the freezer, throwing out some homemade veggie marshmallows, which had just plum refused to work.

After that, I reseasoned my cast iron skillet (which has just beeped in the oven) and started on the cupboards. About 10 mins ago, the front door knocked, and there is a nice postman there with my kefir grains. The pot had broken in the post, so they were leaking... but I think they will be okay. They are now sat in some soy milk.

I know some vegans might be a bit 'oooooh, naughty lady' because these were originally cultured in milk... but hey ho... how else am I to get kefir? I think it'll be a nice change from yoghurt in cooking/smoothies and cheaper too.

Next up, I'm going to eat the last of the licorice, and then get on with the rest of tidy the cupboards. I suspect I'll go up to the supermarkets after I've spoken to my husband at lunch, and see what they have on special.

I've also found I'm overwhelmed with broccoli stalks in the freezer, so I might have to think of something to do with them. I mean, how to prep them... the obvious thing is to eat them, but how? World of possibilities awaits me ;)

About Me

"If you really want to hear about it, the first thing you'll probably want to know is where I was born and what my lousy childhood was like, and how my parents were occupied and all before they had me, and all that David Copperfield kind of crap, but I don't feel like going into it, if you want to know the truth."
The Catcher in the Rye - J. D. Salinger

Well, I'm not going to do a big long introduction. Either you know me, or you don't. I'm probably not going to give this URL to anyone... I'm writing it for me, but if you stumble across it, and find my strange utterances of interest, then I'm glad to make (or keep) your acquaintance.

About a year ago, shortly before my 30th birthday, I started a new job. It seemed, from the outside, perfect. A year later, and it had really got to me. I turn 31 on Monday, and I've recently left my job to find something new. I don't know if that'll be a full time job, or something part time, or even volunteering... exciting isn't it?

Everyone keeps telling me how 'brave' I am for jumping ship without a lifeboat. I suspect this to be a kindly way of saying 'Are you out of your tiny little mind!!! It's the worst economy since the mammoth fur industry crashed' They may well be right. All I know is yesterday was the first day in a very long time I didn't wake up thinking 'Holy heck... I need to go back to that place again'

I shall be filling this blog up with tales of excitement, such as what I'm doing with the day. Expect a lot of updates about snogging cats. I'm not looking for a job for a little while.... I'm looking for me instead.

I also have a sister blog, all about vegan foods... check it out if yummy eats are your thang.

Ps. Despite the introduction, I'm honestly not a serial killer... much.