Friday, 29 May 2009

I am doing excellent shopping

Last night we went to Aldi after Mr Derious got home from work, and
bought a whole heap of veggies, so today's big shop consisted of

Soya Milk 60p
Tofu £1.50 Water Packed (Seems expensive from Tesco! Will look in
Morrisons for their price for next time)
Canned Kidney Beans 14p
Chickpeas 36p
Arrowroot £1.09
Mushrooms 87p
Onion (red) 12p
Bramley Apples 94p

I also remembered I needed either baking powder or bicarbonate of
soda... and of course, bought the wrong one (durr) at 75P

So, my shopping trip cost me £6.37

I bought some stuff yesterday, and some stuff is left over from last
week, but all in all, pretty good :)

I also have cooked pies in the fridge/freezer, enough for 5 days of piey fun :)

So, all in all, good.

This morning I got up with the hubby, at the porrage that I had soaked
overnight in Kefir, then went out to Tesco at the same time he went to
work. It was soooo empty! I had all but finished the shopping by the
time he texted me to say he was at work.... then came home, did the
washing up, strained the kefir, and prepped the plum jam, and plopped
the Seitan in the marinade for tonights noodle toss :)

Now, I'm off to get dressed in summer clothes, walk into town, then
mayby come back and do more tidying.

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