Friday, 26 June 2009

Under Pressure - And a cat helping!


Okay, at 31 I should, perhaps, have used a pressure cooker before, but my Mum always was a little suspicious of them so I grew up of the opinion that they would blow up as soon as they entered the kitchen.

Anyway, the pressure cooker I bought at the start of the year has been taughting me from the cupboard under the stairs since I bought it. Today, myself and it had a rather frank conversation about the fact I *was* going to use it, and it wasn't going to explode.

I put my presoaked beans in, and 15 mins later I had a big bowl of cooked chickpeas. Gosh, they taste yummy. I keep going back and grabbing a few out of the bowl.

Why did no one tell me how easy this was?

Diva decided to help me by guarding the empty box. Yep, thanks cat :D

Friday, 19 June 2009

Shopping - Friday 19th June

Well, living on the shopping budget isn't so hard really. It makes me
question what I buy, and I very rarly throw any food out now.

This weeks shop was

Aldi 0.69
Lidl 3.40
Morrisons 5.60
Tesco 11.49

This comes tooooo 21.18

However, 4.86 of that was a monitor cable, which brings it down to 16.32!

I also got some hot pepper sauce which is redeemable by post costing
1.49... which I will send off for as I'm pikey ;) This will take it
under £15. Yay!

I also realised that Morrions sell fresh water packed tofu for £1.09,
rather than tesco selling it 1.50. I often use silken tofu in place of
water packed simply because of the cost issue. Now, I won't feel like
I need to do that anymore.

Anyway, other than that... still not really looking for a job yet. I'm
just enjoying living for a bit.


Take care y'all

Friday, 5 June 2009

Friday Update

Just done the weekly shop

Lidl = 3.49
Aldi = 4.34
Tesco = 10.83
= 18.66

There were a few extra items on the list, and a few items that were
left over from last week in the fridge, so balenced.

Just finished making a big batch of veggie burgers, recipe from 'Vegan
Bites' blooming heck, they are tasty! It made 4 huuuuuuugh burgers and
one mini burger I'll split with my hubby when he gets home... they are
a bit fallapart, so I think they might make better 'snack' patties,
but it would make a lot! Perfect for me to take to the next family
gathering though :)

Might try to convince my parents we need a family barbeque... I could
take a disposable for the veggie/vegan amoungst us... or make the 3
meat eaters (v 4 veggies/vegans) have that, and we will steal the main
thing ;)

Monday, 1 June 2009

My Burthday!!!

Great day already (Hey, I'm not being sarcastic!)

Mr Derious got up and made me coffee, and bought me up my presents.
Not having a job at the moment, I've been cutting back on buying
things on impulse, so presents seemed a lot more special then normal
:) Anyway, I had

The new Peaches CD
Vegan Bites
Coraline - The graphic novel
Coraline - The non-graphic novel - (Would that be PG? ;) )

Its really nice that despite the fact he's not vegan, he fully
supports my veganism :)

My other in law had sent me a package in the mail... and I've been
looking at it the past few days... reallllllly wanted to open it.

I did, and it contained a lovely card, a little slate broach with a
froggy on it, and a vegetarian cook book she promised me from her book

Anyway, I'm off to Warwick Castle now... I think I shall take some
nice pictures.... if any are good, I shall do some posting later :)