Friday, 26 June 2009

Under Pressure - And a cat helping!


Okay, at 31 I should, perhaps, have used a pressure cooker before, but my Mum always was a little suspicious of them so I grew up of the opinion that they would blow up as soon as they entered the kitchen.

Anyway, the pressure cooker I bought at the start of the year has been taughting me from the cupboard under the stairs since I bought it. Today, myself and it had a rather frank conversation about the fact I *was* going to use it, and it wasn't going to explode.

I put my presoaked beans in, and 15 mins later I had a big bowl of cooked chickpeas. Gosh, they taste yummy. I keep going back and grabbing a few out of the bowl.

Why did no one tell me how easy this was?

Diva decided to help me by guarding the empty box. Yep, thanks cat :D

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