Friday, 19 June 2009

Shopping - Friday 19th June

Well, living on the shopping budget isn't so hard really. It makes me
question what I buy, and I very rarly throw any food out now.

This weeks shop was

Aldi 0.69
Lidl 3.40
Morrisons 5.60
Tesco 11.49

This comes tooooo 21.18

However, 4.86 of that was a monitor cable, which brings it down to 16.32!

I also got some hot pepper sauce which is redeemable by post costing
1.49... which I will send off for as I'm pikey ;) This will take it
under £15. Yay!

I also realised that Morrions sell fresh water packed tofu for £1.09,
rather than tesco selling it 1.50. I often use silken tofu in place of
water packed simply because of the cost issue. Now, I won't feel like
I need to do that anymore.

Anyway, other than that... still not really looking for a job yet. I'm
just enjoying living for a bit.


Take care y'all

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