Monday, 1 June 2009

My Burthday!!!

Great day already (Hey, I'm not being sarcastic!)

Mr Derious got up and made me coffee, and bought me up my presents.
Not having a job at the moment, I've been cutting back on buying
things on impulse, so presents seemed a lot more special then normal
:) Anyway, I had

The new Peaches CD
Vegan Bites
Coraline - The graphic novel
Coraline - The non-graphic novel - (Would that be PG? ;) )

Its really nice that despite the fact he's not vegan, he fully
supports my veganism :)

My other in law had sent me a package in the mail... and I've been
looking at it the past few days... reallllllly wanted to open it.

I did, and it contained a lovely card, a little slate broach with a
froggy on it, and a vegetarian cook book she promised me from her book

Anyway, I'm off to Warwick Castle now... I think I shall take some
nice pictures.... if any are good, I shall do some posting later :)

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