Friday, 5 June 2009

Friday Update

Just done the weekly shop

Lidl = 3.49
Aldi = 4.34
Tesco = 10.83
= 18.66

There were a few extra items on the list, and a few items that were
left over from last week in the fridge, so balenced.

Just finished making a big batch of veggie burgers, recipe from 'Vegan
Bites' blooming heck, they are tasty! It made 4 huuuuuuugh burgers and
one mini burger I'll split with my hubby when he gets home... they are
a bit fallapart, so I think they might make better 'snack' patties,
but it would make a lot! Perfect for me to take to the next family
gathering though :)

Might try to convince my parents we need a family barbeque... I could
take a disposable for the veggie/vegan amoungst us... or make the 3
meat eaters (v 4 veggies/vegans) have that, and we will steal the main
thing ;)

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