Sunday, 11 October 2009

Getting the house sorted

This is a very quick update.

I'm still not employed, so I'm really started looking at part time work so at least I've got something coming in!

Since I last spoke to y'all we have done a lot of rearraning in the house.

Massive purge of rubbish
6-7 bags of books - Oxfam
2-3 boxes of random brick a brack - Charity Shops
Second Hand Games - Totally £160 worth, traded in at Game and Gamestation.

Lounge totally moved around
Sideboard, Bookcase and sofa moved about

New blind installed

Loads of clothes off to charity shops
New bed purchased and installed
Bedding and towels placed in storage bags under bed
New shelf put up

Bath repaired (floating screws had come loose)

Its really starting to look like a home :)

Friday, 28 August 2009

Grey Days

I love Autumn, I don't love the greyness of it all, but I love the last embers of the sun, and the harvests, and the readiness for winter.

I love also, this picture. I saw it first the day I heard my sister was pregnant with my nephew. It was right

Recently I've been thinking a lot about if I actually want to go back to work. I'm a nicer person when I'm not in an office, so I think the trick is, for me to look for a job not in an office. This might mean a lot less money, but since I already know I can survive on less money than I have had, and I know that office work often makes me unhappy, what have I to lose?

Monday, 6 July 2009

And now time for a Random Cat Pic

Today I can't seem to get motivated to do anything... but I'll get on with something as soon as I've posted this.

What a gorgeous kitty, huh? You can't really see, but she's chosen to sleep on the woven newspaper place mat I made a few weeks back.

Friday, 26 June 2009

Under Pressure - And a cat helping!


Okay, at 31 I should, perhaps, have used a pressure cooker before, but my Mum always was a little suspicious of them so I grew up of the opinion that they would blow up as soon as they entered the kitchen.

Anyway, the pressure cooker I bought at the start of the year has been taughting me from the cupboard under the stairs since I bought it. Today, myself and it had a rather frank conversation about the fact I *was* going to use it, and it wasn't going to explode.

I put my presoaked beans in, and 15 mins later I had a big bowl of cooked chickpeas. Gosh, they taste yummy. I keep going back and grabbing a few out of the bowl.

Why did no one tell me how easy this was?

Diva decided to help me by guarding the empty box. Yep, thanks cat :D

Friday, 19 June 2009

Shopping - Friday 19th June

Well, living on the shopping budget isn't so hard really. It makes me
question what I buy, and I very rarly throw any food out now.

This weeks shop was

Aldi 0.69
Lidl 3.40
Morrisons 5.60
Tesco 11.49

This comes tooooo 21.18

However, 4.86 of that was a monitor cable, which brings it down to 16.32!

I also got some hot pepper sauce which is redeemable by post costing
1.49... which I will send off for as I'm pikey ;) This will take it
under £15. Yay!

I also realised that Morrions sell fresh water packed tofu for £1.09,
rather than tesco selling it 1.50. I often use silken tofu in place of
water packed simply because of the cost issue. Now, I won't feel like
I need to do that anymore.

Anyway, other than that... still not really looking for a job yet. I'm
just enjoying living for a bit.


Take care y'all

Friday, 5 June 2009

Friday Update

Just done the weekly shop

Lidl = 3.49
Aldi = 4.34
Tesco = 10.83
= 18.66

There were a few extra items on the list, and a few items that were
left over from last week in the fridge, so balenced.

Just finished making a big batch of veggie burgers, recipe from 'Vegan
Bites' blooming heck, they are tasty! It made 4 huuuuuuugh burgers and
one mini burger I'll split with my hubby when he gets home... they are
a bit fallapart, so I think they might make better 'snack' patties,
but it would make a lot! Perfect for me to take to the next family
gathering though :)

Might try to convince my parents we need a family barbeque... I could
take a disposable for the veggie/vegan amoungst us... or make the 3
meat eaters (v 4 veggies/vegans) have that, and we will steal the main
thing ;)

Monday, 1 June 2009

My Burthday!!!

Great day already (Hey, I'm not being sarcastic!)

Mr Derious got up and made me coffee, and bought me up my presents.
Not having a job at the moment, I've been cutting back on buying
things on impulse, so presents seemed a lot more special then normal
:) Anyway, I had

The new Peaches CD
Vegan Bites
Coraline - The graphic novel
Coraline - The non-graphic novel - (Would that be PG? ;) )

Its really nice that despite the fact he's not vegan, he fully
supports my veganism :)

My other in law had sent me a package in the mail... and I've been
looking at it the past few days... reallllllly wanted to open it.

I did, and it contained a lovely card, a little slate broach with a
froggy on it, and a vegetarian cook book she promised me from her book

Anyway, I'm off to Warwick Castle now... I think I shall take some
nice pictures.... if any are good, I shall do some posting later :)